Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tropical Cyclone Carlos ( ( Australian Broadcoast News)

At 3:30 am CST Tropical Cyclone Carlos,

Category 1 was estimated to be 35 kilometres east northeast of Batchelor and 70 kilometres southeast of Darwin and is moving southeast at 9 kilometres per hour. The cyclone is expected to begin taking a south or southwestward track during the day.
Print Email this Share Permalink With liquor licenses suspended across the Top End, there won't be much joy for people looking for take-away alcohol or a night warming a bar stool.

The suspension came into effect Wednesday evening but won't impact hotels providing accomodation 'to allow for the service of alcohol with a meal to bona fide lodgers.'

The suspension will be reviewed when the Counter Disaster Council reconvenes tomorrow morning.

Cyclone shelters will remain closed overnight, but flood shelters are available for people in low lying areas. The shelters are at Nightcliff Middleschool and at Casuarina Senior College.

Schools and other services will be closed tomorrow.

People are advised to keep off roads and be careful of falling trees and powerlines.

Latest TROPICAL CYCLONE ADVICE from the Bureau of Meteorology


Bureau of Meteorology duty forecaster Mark Kersemakers says that they are no longer expecting the cyclone to be upgraded to a Category 2.

"The guidance that we've got to go on for it's future movement suggests that it's going to stick around this region and then head out to the south west...which is very good because earlier on it was looking like it might move out over the water and then of course it could have intensified," he says.

Cyclone shelters will remain closed overnight after a decision was made by the Counter Disaster Committee (CDC) that opening them was not warranted.

"As the system remains a category one, home is still the safest place to be," says Police Commissioner and Chief Executive of the Emergency Services John McRoberts.

"Advice from the Bureau is that Cyclone Carlos is not expected to intensify dramatically over the next 12 hours, allowing the CDC to review the situation again at its next meeting at 9am tomorrow morning."

The weather has caused wide spread closures including buses, the Darwin Port and government institutions. People are advised to have their emergency kit prepared and to stay at home.

All schools from Adelaide River to the Tiwi Islands were closed today and will also be closed tomorrow Thursday 17th February.

Non-essential Government Service employees have been granted leave to look after their children if they cannot find alternative child care.

The Darwin Airport is closed with no flights operating today.

The courts and NT parliament have been cancelled for today.

Roads are affected with potholes, floods, debris and many traffic lights are not working.

There are many fallen trees on property and roads due to the gale force winds the Top End is currently experiencing.

Travel is to be avoided but any motorists are advised to take care on the roads, driving slowly with headlights on.

There is widespread flooding at creeks, rivers and roads. People living around Rapid Creek area are warned about possible flooding from the high tide expected at 17:00 today.

Welfare centres are open for people without any shelter at all or who are in danger of storm surge with today's high tide.

Power outages are happening around the region. Power and Water have staff working through the night to restore services, and will continue to work while 'it's safe to do so.'

Power and Water say power has been restored to customers in Belyuen, Manton, Virginia, and Batchelor and most customers in McMinns Lagoon, Marlow Lagoon, Howard Springs and Humpty Doo.

Power and Water's Bertram Birk says crews will work around the clock where possible.

"We expect this to last for quite a few days - so our crews, we've got rosters in place and we're making sure they're fed and looked after, they're doing a tremendous job out there."

People are warned to stay away from any fallen power lines that may still be active.

Tiwi Islands and Belyuen have been issued with a Water Boil Alert. It is recommended that drinking water be boiled for three minutes.

Police and Emergency services have responded to a number of incidents. There are no serious injuries reported.

Cyclone warning

The Top End is currently facing severe weather with a Cyclone WARNING issued from the Bureau of Meteorology.

A Cyclone WARNING is now current from Port Keats to Oenpelli, including Darwin, Batchelor, Adelaide River and the Tiwi Islands.

A Cyclone WATCH is now current for coastal areas from Port Keats to the WA/NT Border.

The Cyclone WARNING between Oenpelli and Goulburn Island, including Croker Island has been CANCELLED.

At 3:30 am CST Tropical Cyclone Carlos, Category 1 was estimated to be 35 kilometres east northeast of Batchelor and 70 kilometres southeast of Darwin and is moving southeast at 9 kilometres per hour.

The cyclone is expected to begin taking a south or southwestward track during the day.

GALES with gusts to 100 kilometres per hour are currently being experienced in areas between Dundee Beach and Point Stuart, including Darwin, batchelor, Adelaide River and along the southern Tiwi Islands. GALES may extend further south to Port Keats by Friday morning, and then further south to the WA/NT border later on Friday or early on Saturday.

GALES may develop between Point Stuart and Oenpelli during today, if the cyclone takes a more northeasterly track.

Tides will be HIGHER THAN NORMAL between Cape Hotham and Darwin during today.

Large waves may produce MINOR FLOODING of low-lying coastal areas.

HEAVY RAIN is causing widespread flooding in the northern Darwin-Daly District and on the Tiwi Islands. VERY HEAVY FALLS may lead to localised flash flooding.

The Territory Controller advises residents of Darwin and the Rural Area that if you DO NOT have accommodation constructed to the Building Code or are unsure of your present accommodation you should decide which public emergency shelter to use. You should now have your emergency kit complete and ready.


Residents from Port Keats to Oenpelli including Batchelor, Adelaide River and the Tiwi Islands are advised that now is the time to make final preparations to your home shelter or identify which public emergency shelter to use.

Residents of communities under Cyclone Watch are advised that now is the time to put together your emergency kit, clear your yards and balconies, and commence home shelter preparations.

People are advised to check their cyclone preparation plans.


Keep up to date with any weather warnings by tuning in to 105.7 ABC Darwin on your radio or by listening online.

Short wave radio is available on the Katherine frequency: Daytime 5.025mhz Nightime 2.485mhz

The Bureau of Meteorology post latest warnings here.

For road conditions people are urged to call 1800 246 199

For fallen power lines people are urged to call 1800 245 090

And for fallen trees call the emergency services communications centre on 131 444.

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