Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Dear Human Kind...

Dear Human Kind,

The world is a stressful situation, sometimes you experience stress in your private life and sometimes it regards global matters. I will said that the Light has an answer to all the issues that come to the fore whether this involves a personal issue or a common issue.

We immediately start thinking what should I do or what shall I do. I can only do something for the world if I have peace inside of me. Personally I would not find peace if you look at what is going on in the world, but I did decided to try.

Try and feel peaceful. What do we understand this to mean, namely the healing of the world, because the Light itself cannot do anything, it does so through man. Otherwise there would not be a TORAH, BIBLE, KORAN and a lot more.

It can do nothing for us yet it can through us. The Light is the electricity and we are the lamp.

So whether it involves your private life or your existence on earth, the world is a reflection of the man we were. If we want to change the world we need to change ourselves. The human race is heading for self-destruction.

The war against terrorism, the biological manipulations, pharmaceutical disasters, subliminal messages... At present there are a lot of stress factors.

In the plan of the Light we need to become the people who have the required wisdom and intelligence, even if we observe what we need to do, and who are mature enough to carry out its plan.

There are examples enough, look at Yitzhak Rabin he was very close to peace! And if we do not take a giant step inside ourselves we cannot guide the world so that the world will take this giant step.

We are all experiencing stress in our lives because we experience many and fast changes. The grandchildren of the grandchildren of our grandchildren need YOU to become the person this planet needs and that I become the person this planet needs. Everybody has his or her contribution.

I participate and will listen to your words, I will listen to your answer when the day will come for deliberation and declaration.

Rule one: do not believe me, but learn to listen, do not believe me, I am merely telling you a story. It is how I see life, it is only my truth. If you learn to listen you will understand what I am trying to say, do not believe me but learn to listen, listen to who you really are.

This is behind the things that continuously change. You listen and do all sorts of things. Be conscious of the moment itself then you will experience the pleasure present. Attention is what you show when you truly listen.

Rule two: is more difficult than expected, do not believe yourself, I do not say not to have faith in yourself, but your head is continuously talking, it is like a wild horse that takes you everywhere. If you do not tame the horse, the horse will determine where you are heading, I think you understand what I mean.

So, do not believe yourself, but learn to listen to what is in your head. The third rule is also quite interesting. Believe nobody else and exactly for the same reason. What they tell you is exactly their truth.

It is the story of their experiences in life. If you learn to listen you will learn that the truth will surface through all those lies. You will be able to recognize this truth if you neither believe yourself nor somebody else, if you do not believe me those lies will not remain. Then the truth will remain.

Believe it or not the sun shines every day, you do not have to believe in the truth because the truth exists.

Lies can only exist if you believe in those lies, but the truth will always come to the Light because the sun exists and because the truth is real and a lie an illusion, something that disappears and no longer exists.

We forget that which disappears and no longer exists, which explains the saying: “did you not forget to lie”?

People say: Wow, how strange, if I neither believe myself nor somebody else, what do I believe (that is a judgment), really do not believe it, not as a social position, as they say: I do not believe them, because then you are pretending. It truly needs to be serious, but in all these conclusions you learn to listen, that is what it is all about, learn to listen.

And how can you fight for happiness and peace, for your own peace and happiness and for the peace and happiness of your country and your existence? That is so easy, I will give you an example, YOU will find peace and happiness by cleaning the garden every day, because somebody will plant a bad seed which will grow.

If you continue feeding it with lies, it will continue growing.

But if you immediately remove and destroy the planted weed you will forget it and you will remain in the present and not in an illusion.

Happiness is a decision you need to reach, the responsibility is yours, even if you are black or white, even if you are a witness of god or a Buddhist.. This is not what we all realize when we are seeking peace and happiness. It is not about what is going on outside, but how I act in all of this.

Each individual can contribute a piece of peace to peace, a little bit of peace here and a little bit of peace there and in no time there will be peace for each other, it is easier said than done, but you understand what I mean.

It starts with you, you develop your inner peace and display this.
Why has the message of the Light been here throughout the centuries? Do not be afraid for two reasons. First of all, it clearly sees we are in the corner! It sees we are scared to get the best out of ourselves.

Second of all, it sees that your life equals the courage you display. Think about the various historical people you most admired and ask yourself the question, who would we be if they did not have the courage!

I know and try to make clear to you, based on my standpoint of love and light, that peace is important in this world.

Do not punish people who are helpless or powerless due to the lies of yourself and of others. Show love and you will receive love.

Show hate and you will get it back double as hard. Because hate is an illusion of the lie and the truth the happiness of the peace. We need to communicate with each other with love because the world is using other kind of communication tools like Military industries that makes deadly weapons to respond with an answer of dead and destruction, television and radio bring us every day bad and sad news to bring us fear and make us afraid to live in this world. Do you know that human kind has received a powerful instrument to create peace on earth.

You have received eyes to see, ears to hear, brains to think and a tong to speak. It's time to tell the world how human kind can find the wisdom of freedom.

You are salt of the world, you are light of the world, ask you will receive, seek you will find, knock and the gates will be open.

Waiting until an invitation, we will learn to share, we will learn our brothers and sisters to share, we will learn the world to share, and we will learn to respect all nature out and in the earth.

Past X Present

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