Sunday, January 09, 2011

Ice roads Scotland... ( BBC)

Print Risk of ice across Scotland's roads

Snow and ice have caused problems on lesser routes and side roads Drivers have been warned of widespread ice forming on roads in the evening and overnight across the whole of Scotland.

The Met Office said heavy snow could also affect parts of Grampian, the Highlands and islands, Argyll and Bute, Perth and Kinross and Stirling.

Central Scotland Police said there had been several crashes on icy parts of the M80 on Sunday.

Police in Grampian, Dumfries and Galloway and the Highlands and islands also warned of black ice.

Central Scotland Police said there had been crashes on the M80 and M876 on Sunday, where ice was a problem and officers expressed concern about the speed of passing vehicles.

The Met Office said that where snow was melting on Sunday afternoon and running onto roads, widespread ice was expected to form.

An area of sleet and snow is expected move in from the west across northern Scotland overnight, with snow falling up to 10cm deep on higher ground.

Police and fire crews in the Highlands also issued a warning for people not to risk their lives on frozen stretches of water and asked walkers to keep pets on leads.

Highlands and Islands Fire and Rescue Service's Dave Gill said: "We are urging adults and children not to venture onto frozen rivers, streams and lakes.

"The risk of persons or animals falling through ice will greatly increase as the weather improves and thawing of all waterways takes place.

"Under no circumstances will the lives of any fire crew be placed at risk in order to rescue an animal, however distressing this may be to the owner."