Thursday, November 25, 2010

UK, Ireland and Scotland snow Update.. ( bbc)

UK Snow Update

Wintry conditions in the UK

Cold weather has started to take hold across the United Kingdom, with snow settling in Scotland and north east England.

15cm (6in) of snow fell in Pittington in northern England, with falls also reported in Northern Ireland, Wales and the Midlands. Up to 3cm (1in) of snow is reported to have fallen in east Cornwall.

Lowest November temperature: -23.3C (-9F) recorded on 14 November 1919 in Braemar, Scotland
Highest November temperature: 21.7C (71F) recorded on 4 November 1946 in Prestatyn, Wales
The lowest overnight minimum temperature was -5.5C (22F) recorded at Benson in Oxfordshire.

The Met Office says weather warnings remain for north east England and northern Scotland, while rain, sleet and snow is expected in Wales, Northern Ireland and possibly Cornwall.

Temperatures are expected to drop to -5C in some areas over the next few days, far lower than those normally experienced in November.

BBC meteorologists say the prolonged cold weather could last up to 2 weeks.

Snow Depths

Pittington 15cm
Danby 14cm
Rothbury 10cm
Longbenton 8cm
Why the wintry conditions?

The season's first big chill has been caused by cold air flowing from Scandinavia on Monday and Tuesday, and then the Arctic from Wednesday onwards.

A change in the position of the jet stream has been a major factor in driving the colder weather.

The jet stream is a fast moving ribbon of air in the upper atmosphere which usually moves from west to east.

BBC Meteorologists say it has moved into a meridional state, forming a north to south wave, and causing a blocking pattern in the UK's weather. This means the cold air is set to stay for the foreseeable future.