Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sneeuwoverlast Denemarken.. ( the copenhagen Post)

For some, there’s no business like snow business

Thursday, 23 December 2010 12:36 KM .Business is booming for companies that help others deal with the snow

Snow ploughs clear snow outside Amalienborg Castle. The wintry weather has been a boon for some (Photo: Scanpix)
Travellers are doing their best to trudge through it and commuters are cursing it, but for many companies the recent wave of cold, snowy weather has been an early Christmas present, reports financial daily Børsen.

After last night’s snow storm, which dumped as much as 20cm on Copenhagen and continues to cause trouble elsewhere, roadside assistance provider Falck has been busy around the clock helping stranded motorists.

Yesterday, the company's crews responded to 5,863 calls, making it the busiest day of the year.

Even though the snow has tapered off in most areas, a combination of drifting and large numbers of people travelling for the holidays has kept the company busy today.

Another of the nation’s largest companies, facility services group ISS, has had plenty to do keeping pavements and car parks as clear of snow as the weather will let them.

“Right now, we’re earning three times as much from our snow-removal services than we expected,” said regional manager Margit Nielsen.
Falck reports that nearly all its employees are currently working overtime, but the company says the extra wages are a good investment.

“We couldn’t run a business if there were no demand for our services,” said marketing manager Jens Lunn. “Too many green winters and we’d have a problem. We’re happy right now. Busy, but happy.”

And with time about to run out for last minute Christmas shoppers, many have sought shelter from the storm in the tranquility of their local malls and department stores, which are reporting increased patronage.