Sunday, November 30, 2008

Eastern USA bracing for two powerful storms (

Eastern USA bracing for two powerful storms by Alex Deakin

Two powerful storms are set to lash eastern US states over the next 24 hours, bringing heavy rain and snow. The first storm is moving up from the Gulf of Mexico and is forecast to track northwards along the Atlantic seaboard, bringing torrential rain and thunderstorms from the Gulf towards Florida. The storm comes only days after heavy rain lashed Mississippi and Louisiana, with more than 50mm (2 inches) falling in some places.

The second storm has already brought snow to the Rockies at the start of the weekend, and is currently tracking over the Plains towards the Great Lakes region. As the two storms come together the cold air to the north and west of the systems allows them to intensify their way towards Canada. Up to 305mm (12 inches) of snow could accumulate in Quebec through Monday.